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There are three different types of Residential Solar Energy Systems;

On-grid system: These are systems that allow electricity to be drawn from the grid when there is no production or when consumption is greater than production, while the energy produced from solar panels is sent to the grid. Briefly, according to the regulation published in our country in the Official Gazette dated 11/08/2022 and numbered 31920; The excess electricity produced in residences is purchased by the grid.

Off-grid (Battery-Powered) System: These are systems that enable the energy produced from solar panels to be stored in batteries without connection to the grid and to provide the energy needed from the batteries when there is no production. The length of the depreciation period and future maintenance and system requirements are important factors.

Hybrid (Grid Connected - Battery Powered) System: These are both mains connected and battery powered systems. The energy produced from solar panels first fills the batteries and the excess energy is sent to the grid. Although the high initial investment cost is a disadvantage, the advantage of being independent from the grid should not be ignored.


Once we understand your specific needs, preferences and details of your home, our experienced design team will create a custom solar solution.

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